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Going on a Cruise... or a vacation....Footzyrolds are perfect for walking on the lido deck . Don't worry about walking back to your room after dinner to change your shoes to go to the casino .. With ships getting bigger and bigger, walking back to the room to change into more comfy shoes is all in the past... Pop a pair of Footzyrolds from one of our Everyday collections.....  or Shimmery Silver in your clutch bag and your are set for the entire night.




"Last year I went on a cruise, I had all my favorite shoes with me, Gucci, Prada, and Beverly's. The last night of the cruise they took my suitcase to prepare for the next morning, since I was out all night I only had on my heels.  The next morning I needed to wear my heels off the boat and to the airport causing the worst blisters.  Next month I will be going on another cruise and this time I am prepared with Footzyrolds.

Christina, from NJ.